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Where our name came from:
Red Dog Ranch is named for our original female Labrador Retriever.  Few people know that the CKC Lab registration used to come with 4 color classification. 
 Currently there are three - Black, Yellow & Chocolate - When Babe (pictured above), registered simply as Squire's Babe was born, she was registered as LIVER colored.
What this means is that Babe was born a fairly dark color, but definitely not chocolate, and as she got older she got darker and darker.  By the time she was about 8 she was a dark red (fox red color).  The picture above was taken when she was 13 years old  It is fairly true to her color, although the light makes her legs look a bit silvery, but she was a dark red through and through.  We had many, many compliments for Babe over the years and many people wondered exactly what color she was - she was so dark that many people mistook her for chocolate.   Her temperament was perfect.   She was laid back when she was in the house, but a ball of untiring fire when you had a frisbee.  If you're looking for a Lab - you're looking for Babe.
  CKC did away with the liver color designation.  I have never since seen a "yellow" dog as dark as Babe was.  We have Babe's daughter Zip.  And Zip is gradually getting darker every year, just like her mother did, but I don't think Zip will get as dark as Babe was.
Babe was the original Red Dog in Red Dog Ranch.

About our dogs:
Red Dog Ranch has been breeding Labs for about 15 years now.  We have had 12 litters over 18 years with three different females.  Our dogs are not professionally trained, nor are the hunters, agility experts or anything else that gets acclaim these days.  They are pets, pure and simple.  We have always done our best to breed responsibly and always try to choose outside sires with good Field Trial bloodlines, as our dogs have good bloodlines, to ensure that we have the broadest market available.  Our pups are bred to excel at hunting, and though some have been sold to, and have done well at hunting, the majority are sold to families as pets and companions.
We have never had a major health complaint (scarce minor complaints have included skin allergies traced back to dog food, etc.) but we take care to breed to good quality dogs with good conformation to do our best to ensure that buyers will get a healthy, sound dog.
Nothing to do with dogs is more heart breaking than to go through all the time, hassle, trials, and effort of nurturing a Lab puppy up through into adulthood, only to find at two that their hips are shot and they have to be put down, or that they have heart problem (this is a becoming lot more common than a person thinks due to indiscriminate breeders selling "Purebred" dogs while taking short cuts just to make a buck).  Our goal is to sell high quality pups, to people truly seeking a good companion for themselves and their families.  Usually the price of the Lab helps to establish this. 
There are not too many people willing to shell out $800 plus unless they really want, and are prepared to look after and own a good dog.  

About our horses:
Red Dog applies the same principles with it's horses as it does with it's dogs.  Our horses, most of whom are AQHA registered, are not champions.  We have carefully chosen bloodlines to produce what we are after.
We look to temperament 1st, conformation second and color third.  Recognizing that most of the people buying horses in our area are not capable of handling a highstrung horse with any good results, we try hard to breed horses that have a calm disposition, that will learn fast, but will be somewhat forgiving when mistakes are made.

We most enjoy doing ground work and like to spend most of our time with the weanlings and yearlings, teaching them everything we can from the ground.  When our horses leave the farm we like them to be well broke to lead, stand tied, longe, carry a saddle, and accept a bridle as well as people handling their feet, etc.  All of our horses are for sale at whatever stage of training they are at and their prices reflect that.  

Where we are:
We are located on 143 acres in Southwestern Manitoba.
We are approx. 15 miles southwest of Morden Manitoba.  - We are about 5 miles from the USA border.  If you'd like to come for a visit - please email for specific directions.